Once upon a time, on quite a large island, there lived a queen... >>

Governess and the method
Katarzyna Czeczot
The following concerns a novel which Queen Victoria is known to have read twice...>>

A Postcard from the Barricade
Natalia Sielewicz in conversation with the participants of La Commune (de Paris,1871) by Peter Watkins...>>

Laughter in the doll house.
On Victorian surrealism and Walerian Borowczyk’s films words (not exactly) few.
Kamila Wielebska
My story, just like the story of life on Earth, ought to begin by the sea....>>

We, Wild  Victorianesses. The Gynealogy of the First Wave Feminism
Ewa Majewska
When Abigail Smith Adams, the wife of the second President of the US, wrote her letter to the Congress in 1776 in which she explicitly claimed political rights for women, she evoked feelings of  mere pity...>>
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