Karol Radziszewski’s Greetings from America!
Wojciech Szymański
What I mean to do in the meantime is to locate the Gdańsk exhibition within the framework of institutional critique and to show that the exhibited works are anything but images of talking heads. And this is how they were classified by the Polish art world – in the only form acceptable to it....>>

'High' Art
Luther Blissett
The challenge to reflect on the continual shifts of our inner vision in relation to external impulses. The artists want to give the spectator an increasingly active role and they do not shy away from giving tradition an essential place in the work. Tradition inspires us to understand our position in this world of others....>>

How did we get here anyway?
Tangential thoughts on The Sea Awaits Your Return and other works by Erwin van Doorn and Inge Nabuurs
Charles Esche
Art became normalised, another lifestyle product with added personality, a niche form of personal identity building. The dreams of an avant-garde died along with the dreams of a society with a purpose. It was good that struggles were only about personal ambition now, it made things easy and everything seemed fine, and anyway what was not to like?...>>

In Art Dreams Come True, or Katarzyna Kozyra’s conscious Bovarysm
Aleksandra Stelmach
One might say that in her project In Art Dreams Come True, Katarzyna Kozyra engages in a completely conscious game with Bovarysm. She has taken on the role of Emma Bovary, dreaming of the impossible and forcefully trying to realise all her wishes. However, from the very start, the artist is convinced that there can only be one ending...>>

Sailing with Nelson. Yinka Shonibare reaches Polish shores Kamila Wielebska
Armed with a tablet filled with old and new classics, a smartphone and Kaddafi’s 24 carat gold-plated gun, we can begin a journey that will takes us from London, where Yinka Shonibare MBE, a British artist of Nigerian descent lives and works, to an encounter with his art...>>