'High' Art
Sztuka „wysoka”

Luther Blissett

Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs, Portrait Artsy Industrialist, 2012 (Copyrights Buro DeFacto)

The work explores the phenomenology of our perception. We perceive the world through stimuli, which are the triggers of thinking and/or acting. The primary tool of these triggers is space, by which living is made concrete. The psychotropic space, a consciousness machine. An experience in darkness that activates a deeper awareness of our perceptual structure. The coded identities that we accept to survive are made tangible.

Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs, One of the corridors of the installation The Sea Awaits Your Return, 2014, Laznia CCA, Gdańsk, photo Bartosz Górka

Robbing the visitors as they enter of the points of orientation required for customary perceptual differentiation. A three-dimensional blackness of unknown size and with a physical presence perceptible only by touch. The darkness removes the images from the familiar surroundings of our everyday existence. The images are the only points of reference in a non-place that, because it is inherently strange and uninviting, focuses our sight and hearing with exceptional intensity. Our attention is thus drawn inwards in an attempt to create meaning and close the gap. The visitor wants to turn on the lights and expose what cannot be seen.

Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs, detail of one of the luciferia in the installation The Sea Awaits Your Return, 2014, Laznia CCA, Gdańsk, photo Bartosz Górka

A transitional zone, hinting at meaning while remaining semantically obscure. Memory is all that is left to give meaning to your internal conflicts. Emerging slowly from total darkness, the images acquire definition only gradually, appearing first as diffuse areas of colour, then showing evidence of movement, and finally condensing into shapes. As viewers not only witness this process of creation, they also influence it by the manner in which they apprehend it.

Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs, visitors of the exhibition are taking the test, a fragment of the installation The Sea Awaits Your Return, 2014, Laznia CCA, Gdańsk, photo Olga Kharina

Not isolated but as a collective of actors in a mystical play. As in a dream, the viewer experiences all things as equally important and with equal intensity. They themselves are among the phenomena they are apprehending. A trance-like experience.
Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs, Disco Mori Punk Pirate, 2013 (Copyrights Buro DeFacto)

The intimacy of this situation. The challenge to reflect on the continual shifts of our inner vision in relation to external impulses. The artists want to give the spectator an increasingly active role and they do not shy away from giving tradition an essential place in the work. Tradition inspires us to understand our position in this world of others.

Proofreading: Robin Gill